this site is a labor of love and of loves that has been going, growing and evolving since 1996, from a site on geocities that used a different background and color scheme on each of its 10 or so pages, to this mass of information that you're not sure you ever wanted to know. that's ok, i'm not always sure i really want to share it.

some areas of this site will never be updated... other areas will be updated as regularly as i remember. the photo of the week or "POTW" will be updated weekly, i'm shooting for mondays. which is also when i'm hoping to make other updates/changes that i want to do. these photos will all be taken by me of things in and around my life.

as i said, when this site began it was very small. a bio page, a page about the band poison, a few poems that i wrote and a guestbook i believe. now it's so much more. i have loved creating and re-creating this site over the years, sharing more and more of myself and my life in the pages here.

please understand that everything contained in this site is something that i love dearly. this site is also built around my personal opinions and experience. i don't expect anyone to agree with or share those things.

so grab a beer, raise a glass, take a deep breath and dive on in... the water's fine.